"We have found CreditPro Financial Services to be extremely affordable.  Because we are a smaller company, we are unable to hire someone full-time to handle our day-to-day credit and collections matters.  We found ourselves trying to make collection calls, resolve disputes and determine if we should give credit to a customer all without having really enough time to do these jobs properly.  The representatives at CreditPro Financial Services handle all these areas for us quickly and professionally. "
~ Tim Kelly, President, Kelly Supply Co.
"CreditPro Financial Services has been our choice for credit and collections management for several years.  They are most efficient and handle our accounts professionally.  As a result of our dealings with CreditPro Financial Services, we have collected our monies much faster and with greater consistency compared to when we were performing this function ourselves."
 ~ Mark Brugman, President, O.K Brugmann Jr., & Sons, Inc.

"Being the owner of a mid size business for 45+ years, I always felt that I could not afford help with keeping track of lien rights and Notices of Furnishing for our jobs or help with the collections and other business matters.  After just a few months of utilizing the services of CreditPro Financial Services, I realized that my only mistake was not hiring them sooner.  Now I can focus on more important matters and grow my business worry free of losing money due to the paperwork not being completed or correct. I find CreditPro Financial Services to be efficient, affordable and most importantly they get the job done as promised.  I recommend them for businesses of any size."

~ Christine Abramo, President, Abramo Construction, Inc.